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  15. Maxicare Rates and Benefit Limit 2012-2013
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To all approvers, you can now assign a permanent alternate approver(s), just proceed to Inquiry and Personal Info/Alternate, click on the View Now button, find the Alternate Approver, and fill up the entries form. Smoke free Workplace Policy is now available, please click on the POLICIES link.

For Maxicare Rates and Benefit Limit for 2012-2013 please click #15 to download. Maxicare Benefit Package 2012-2013 click #16 to download.


Attendance Processing For April 15, 2014 Payroll

To ensure that payroll for the period March 24 to April 8 is processed in time for the April 15 pay-day, HRD will implement an early cut-off processing.

Attendance for April 7 to 8 shall be assumed worked. Actual entries will be adjusted in the April 30, 2014 payday.

Approvers make sure that all applications for the period March 24 to April 8 are approved on or before 06pm Sunday, April 6, 2014

For all stores, make sure that DTRs are uploaded before closing the store on Sunday, April 6, 2014.

Attention All Employees

Please be advised that Ms. Endel Luna, Chenee Gabriel, and Arthur Dayola will no longer handle attendance for direct hire employees.

Attention All Waltermart NCR/North, ELECTROWORLD NCR/North/VISMIN Operations Employees

Please be advised that Ms. Rem Villas will be in charge for Waltermart HRMS concerns. You can email her at

Please be advised that Ms. Jonna will be in charge for Electroworld HRMS concerns. You can email her at

Attention All ABENSON NCR/North Operations and Pasig Depot Employees

Please be advised that Ms. Kesha will be in charge for ABENSON and Pasig Depot HRMS concerns. You can email her at

Please change your password for security reasons.
For your HR Concerns please call the following:

  • For Promo Mangement Group (PMG)
    (Look for Ms. Rochie or Ms. Bheng) ==> 902-7706
  • For COMPBEN / Recruitment
    (Look for Ms. Sheryl or Ms. Glenda) ==> 902-7705
  • For Promotions And Regularization
    (Look for Ms. Dana or Ms. Endel) ==> 902-7708
  • For HRMS Concerns
    (Look for Ms. Kesha or Ms. Jonna) ==> 902-7709
  • For HR Generalists
    (Look for Ms. Chenee or Ms. Kaye or
    Ms. Jenny
    ) ==> 902-7705

Thank you!

HRMS CORE Latest Version


Upload PeopleCore DTR Logs

UPDATE Badge No.

Applicant HRMS Version 1.0

NOTE : Please check your Latest Version of HRMS Core with the latest release as of December 19, 2006.




About Self-Service HR System:


    The Self-Service HR System is a web-based application designed to implement paperless operation for most common HR transactions and to expedite transactions processing, implement full enforcement of policies, and empower employees.


The Features:


You can use the system for the following:


·      Inquiry – Using the inquiry module, employees can make queries on basic information such as attendance, status of overtime application, status of leave application and balance, schedules, loan balances, payroll, and personal related information.  Personnel in supervisory capacity who handles and supervises staff can inquire data for all their subordinates.

·      Application – The application module allows all employees to apply online for their leaves, official business travels, overtime, shift and day off changes and attendance correction.

·      Cancellation – This module can be used to cancel any transactions they apply such as leave, itinerary, overtime, shift, day off and DTR correction.

·      Approval – Supervisors and managers can approve on-line with respect to leave, overtime, and attendance correction.  When you access this module, all transactions that need further actions are retained in the system.


Routing of Application:


    When employee applies for OT, leave or attendance correction, the system will automatically route the application to its respective approver.  The system will automatically detect employee level and will automatically send e-mails to the immediate superior of the employee.  If necessary and for certain cases, the system will route the application to other approvers when a different or alternate approvers are defined. 


Processing for Payroll:


    The system implements the usual cut-off of attendance for payroll processing.  Application must be applied and completely approved on or before the cut-off for payroll to process.  All late application and approvals will be forwarded to the next payroll as discrepancy and will not be paid with the current cut-off.




    The system assigns individual accounts for every employee and detects the appropriate authority level for access.  It is important that EMPLOYEES WILL MAINTAIN THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF DISCIPLINE BY NOT SHARING THEIR BADGE NUMBERS AND PASSWORDS TO ANY OF THEIR FELLOW EMPLOYEES.  Employees should be responsible enough to handle their own password.  UNAUTHORIZED SHARING OF PASSWORD SHALL BE SUBJECT TO DISCIPLINARY ACTION AS PER CODE OF EMPLOYEE DISCIPLINE.  This falls under GRAVE OR MAJOR OFFENSE, which is tantamount to TYPE A OFFENSE or DISMISSAL.

     To change your password proceeds to INQUIRY, then PERSONAL INFORMATION and at the bottom of the page you will find a common button “CHANGE PASSWORD”.  Click the button and provide the required information as instructed.

Service Interruptions:


    In the event of service interruptions such as power failure in the branches, system problem, ISP, or connection problem, as long as it is not during a cut-off schedule, all employees will be advised when to use the system.


    In the event that it is the scheduled cut-off, the employee is advised to send an application directly to the Timekeeper either manually or through e-mail whichever is possible just to notify the Timekeeper of the transaction and have it included in the processing.


Time Tracking System Quick guide

Time Tracking System (TTS), a time capturing software suitable for interfacing to a variety of time capturing devices such as; Magnetic reader, Barcode and Finger Scan. TTS eliminates distributed timekeeping and the need of manual intervention to gather employee Time logs which is prone to tampering and exhibits a risk of data loss.

          The system supports a time dependent synchronization of 201file and locally stored time logs in a connected site. It performs autodialing for Internet connection on schedule in case configured to function as a distributed remote client application.

         In the absence of swipe card, the system can utilize by directly keying your ID number coupled with individual security code, commonly known as PIN.





4.     Run the Time Tracking System from the shortcut on your desktop or from your console’s Start menu, under Programs, Time Tracking System.


Basic Time Track Command keys

    Home key – to enable manual synchronization of 201 and DTR data, when you successfully specify the correct admin             password.


ESC key – to terminate the time tracking system but you need to specify the admin password to ensure that you are indeed authorize to end the application.



Use the “Change Password” button to change the Admin Password and “Change PIN” button to enter your own security code when logging on without using your company ID.


For extended time track settings and configuration, get in touch with your IT Manager for further assistance.



Time Tracking System.msi

Time Track patch file


For Comments, Feedback, and Suggestions:


                   You may send directly your e-mail to the consultant through or through  our IT conduit       and/or to the HRMS Systems Administrator




This is to inform all branch employees of the deployment of the self-service HRMS system across all branches via auto e-mail.  Instructions were attached for your guide on how to use the system.  Please find below the details of the implementation.


  1. Transactions covered in the Self-Service
    1. Leave applications, cancellations and approval
    2. Overtime applications, cancellations and approval
    3. Employee Master File Information
    4. Pay slip (printable)
    5. Others – shift assignments and adjustments



The leave credits appearing in the system are only ‘dummy’ figures.

The actual time capturing system installer is downloadable from our HRMS Online Self-Service default page via Internet for your trial use.


Workflow and routing of transactions – refer to attached Workflow.


What to do during the Testing Period

  1. User name is your ID number.
  2. Password is auto generated and can be change Online.
  3. Look and review your Employee Master File.
  4. Fill-up or change any lacking or incorrect date in your Employee Master File.
  5. Send any feedback to for comment.



Generating and Uploading DTR Logs:

Generating the Dates to be Uploaded


Step 1             Run the Time Tracking System by double clicking the Time Tracking System Icon Shortcut found on your desktop.

Note:  A pop-up window will appear, just click OK.


Step 2             Press ESC on your keyboard.


Step 3             Type hrmshbc.SOL to the access code then press ENTER.


Step 4             In the Menu Bar, select Utilities menu.  Select Export Branch DTR.


Step 5             Input the ranges of the dates

Note:  A pop-up window will appear, just click OK.



Uploading DTR Logs


Step 1             Connect in the Internet using your ISP (Pacific or Instanet).


Step 2 Run Internet Explorers.


Step 3             Type for Dial-Up connection and for VPN connection in the address bar, then click ENTER.


Step 4             Type your username using your latest Badge Number and your old password, press ENTER.


Step 5             Click the DTR Logs button.


Step 6             A window will appear.  Click the Browse button, and then click OK.


Step 7             Go to My Computer/C:/Program Files/GSI/Time Tracking System/Text, and then select the date, which will be uploaded.  Click Open.


Step 8             Click the Save button.  The system will display the status of uploading.